Baby Cami Sushi Group was established in 2019 and was founded by Sam Pang and Chung Bo Jun. The name "Baby Cami Sushi" was inspired by one of our founders' (Sam Pang) ex-wife, Cami from Hong Kong. It serves as a cherished memory of his wife, Cami.

Sam Pang (Founder), has dedicated the past 12 years to honing his Japanese cuisine and sushi-making skills through training in Australia and Japan. He received invaluable guidance from a skilled guru, enabling him to mature his culinary expertise.

Our passion is to make the finest Japanese cuisine accessible. With our motto "It's For Everyone!", we offer an array of authentic and delectable dishes, carefully curated to cater to discerning tastes with reasonable prices and outstanding food quality.

< Founder & Director

Founder & Director >

“We warmly welcome potential investors to join us in developing another kingdom of Japanese cuisine. It's not just a dream!”

Andy Chan

< Co-Founder & Director

(L) Benjamin Yang | (R) Jason Lewis

Marketing & Events Director >

At Baby Cami Sushi, we believe in not only delivering culinary delights but also creating memorable dining experiences. Our team is committed to providing impeccable service and fostering a warm and inviting ambiance for our patrons.

Bringing everyone Fresh, Healthy and Delicious Japanese Cuisine, ensures every bite takes you on delightful adventure through the vibrant and diverse world of Japanese Cuisine.

Its For Everyone, whether a student, a professional or a family, our menu offers a delightful array of authentic dishes at reasonable and affordable prices.

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